A 3D Render predicts Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck


The detailed 3D render of highly anticipated Cybertruck, Tesla’s new Pickup Truck, by TurboSquid is now the talk of the town. TurboSquid is a digital media company, which published the expected 3D design based on the teaser image unveiled by Elon Musk in 2017.

Tesla is planning to unveil the truck in November only. No image or specification has not leaked yet. As a result, the buzz around the launch is growing continuously. In a recent interview, Musk revealed that the design of the truck is futuristic.

The render is available for sale at a price tag of 99 USD on the official website of the company. Those who will purchase the render can open the truck’s door and get a detailed view of the interior like never before.

The render suggests that there will be four seats in the truck, one isolated driver seat, and the other three in the rear side. The truck has an elongated bed and a similar wiper system like Roadster.

The truck is expected to come with a 49,000 USD price tag and with 400 to 500 miles range. The vehicle has 3,00,000 lb towing capacity, which is around 23 times more than the Ford F-150.

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