Uber episode now got resurrected in court

In the recent development, it has been seen that two of the computer hackers have been pleaded guilty. They are asked to an extortion scheme, and it entangled Uber in a yearlong cover-up of the data breach. It, too, stole all sensitive information that comes around 57 million of the ride-hailing service’s passengers as well as drivers.

On Wednesday, the federal court by Brandon Charles Glover and Vasile Mereacre has resurrected with an unseemly episode in Uber’s checkered history. The two accused are Mereacre and Glover, and they both had got good knowledge from stealing personal information from the companies. It, too, had stored on Amazon Web Services, and it starts from October 2016 to January 2017, and then they demanded to get paid for destroying the data.

After that, Uber paid nearly $100,000 payment, but after that too, it has to wait till November 2017. Then it reveals the personal information of both the riders and drivers around the world as they had fallen into the hands of criminals.

With this, US Attorney ripped Uber for not alerting the authorities at the right time, and if they then, so much of personal information would not have been leaked out.