Amazon started to deliver things within the hour for all Prime members

As it was announced earlier by the company, it has now been launched to happen too. It was seen that all US Amazon Prime members now can get benefit from getting free grocery deliveries. All the delivery can happen in just 1-2 hours as the online retail firm will make the Amazon Fresh a standard advantage of the subscription.

If you look at the previous fees, then it cost around 414.99 per month for a user in Amazon Fresh Service. With that, it too allows users to order nearly thousands of products in which it includes meats, snacks, and produce also.

All the delivery times are now said to be based on the location of the customer. Still, the estimated time for delivery is said to be 1-2 hour and is available for more than 2000 cities and the town spread across the US.

If you are thinking of ordering a portion of food then you must bill for a minimum of $35 or $50 in New York so that you will get the free delivery for that.  This Amazon Fresh is readily available in the UK, Germany, and India, but no plans for these countries had been discussed.