Musk Revealed Tesla’s New Solar-Paneled Roof

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk recently unveiled the firm’s new solar-paneled roof on Friday. Musk claims to install 1,000 solar-paneled roofs a week. The price of the roof will cost somewhere around 35,000 USD., the company revealed. Currently, Tesla is going through a purple patch against all expectations; the company registered profit in Q3.

Musk said that the company is planning to install at least 1,000 solar roofs on a weekly basis. The plan is to increase the number to 10,000 per week in the coming months. Musk emphasized the market potential of the solar roof panel during the launch. He wanted all 100 million roofs across the country to install the solar roof for better energy efficiency.

Tesla claims that the cost of the solar roof will be lesser than the combined cost of the roof and solar panels. The new solar roof marks the third generation of solar panels by the company. The cost of solar panel installation is falling in the country owing to the large demand. Currently, per watt installation cost around 2.99 USD, experts revealed.

The solar roof will come in multiple color options. Currently, only black is available, while the company is developing three more color options, such as clay tile, French slate, and earth tones.

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